About FlutterViz

If you are a flutter developer then you already know how tedious and boring it is to code UI for the App Screens; And to do that over and over again for every screen just kills productivity. To address this exact problem FlutterViz was born. FlutterViz is a simple, FREE forever Drag and Drop UI builder for Flutter by IQONIC DESIGN.

As developers, we love to code and implement complex functionalities. But when it comes to making simple UI screens repeatedly for every app we build, it’s a time waste.

Over years we have built thousands of screens for various Flutter Applications. We have put in everything we’ve learned over years to simplify the mundane designing process and increase work productivity.

NO, it’s not yet another NO-CODE or LOW-CODE platform, instead, it is a simple visual builder to create Flutter App Screens.. That’s it!

With FlutterViz you can visually design your screens, export the code and simply use it in your project.

We have built FlutterViz to help the community to optimize their development cycles.

It is a FREE platform and will always remain FREE.