What the FAQ

FlutterViz is a Drag and Drop Flutter UI design tool to design and build app screens without writing any lines of code. You simply design the page, export the code, and use it in your project.

For fairness of use, you can create upto three projects for each account at the moment. We'll increase the limit as we move from beta to final release.

0$! FlutterViz is built for the community. It is and will always remain FREE

No, FluterViz is not meant to be a no-code or a low code platform. It's simply a drop n drop UI builder for Flutter app screens. As programmers, we love to code FlutterViz helps to get rid of mundane repititive tasks.

FlutterViz the Flutter drag and drop UI builder makes it possible to design and build any number of screens within the same project.

Unfortunately, we do not offer any personal support. However, you can refer to our docs and video guide. 

We take up selective projects. Reach us with your requirements at [email protected].