How to Create Flutter App Screens without Writing any Code?

The demand for applications for different organisations, services and businesses is growing. Developers are under a lot of pressure to create all these applications as quickly as possible to help their clients flourish in their business.
Screens are an integral part of mobile as well as web applications, and the user interface of any mobile application is centred around the screens so that users can access different functions of the applications with ease.

You can choose to write your own good for creating screens, but if you want you can also use Flutter UI Design Tool such as FlutterViz for creating different screens, such as the home screen for your application.

In this guide, we will go through the steps of creating an application’s screen without writing code using a Flutter Drag and Drop UI builder.

When you log in to a No-code UI Builder FlutterViz, you will a variety of options for creating different kinds of screens for your mobile applications.

Make sure to use a no-code UI Builder, or Drag and Drop UI builder if your main aim is to create mobile screens without writing any code.

1) Check out Ready-to-Use Screen Design Templates:

If you want to create mobile application screens without spending much time, then look at the in-build screens offered as a part of Flutter UI builder.

FlutterViz offers a variety of different screens such as the home screen and templates of other screens that are essential in most apps used in the current world market.

If you find a template that suits your needs for the screen that you have in mind then you can finish your app in half of the original time that was estimated by you or your developer for the production.

There are many different screen templates available with FlutterViz that 9/10 times, you will not need to create a screen from scratch with this no-code UI builder.

2) Create Your Own Mobile App Screen Using Drag and Drop Feature:

FlutterViz is a Flutter Drag and Drop UI Builder, implying that you simply have to drag and drop different features and elements to a starter screen which requires absolutely no coding.

So if your requirements do not match with any of the pre-set screen templates offered with this UI builder, then you can create your own screen by dragging and dropping different elements offered in the library of FlutterViz UI builder.

This gives you the opportunity to create an app screen that reflects the brand values of your clients and saves you from the hassle of writing code for creating unique screens.

With FlutterViz UI builder, you can create any number of screens by simply dragging the elements on the starter screen as per your choice and preference.

While creating any screen for your mobile application, you can use multiple fonts of texts, and even create a multi-language app if that’s what your clients need.
You can use various different images for your mobile screens apart from the various widgets available to drag and drop to enhance the functionality of the mobile screen UI that you design using the Flutter UI Design Tool.
You can even save your designs and access them later to tweak them in order to create similar mobile screens for a single application.

3) Customize Pre-Set Templates or the Screens that You have Made:

There are various options to customize the mobile screens using a UI builder such as FlutterViz for your needs. Many times people assume that using a UI design builder for creating screens prevents them from creating unique mobile screens that are in sync with the image and values of the brand of their clients.

But nothing can be farther from reality, as FlutterViz is a UI builder that allows developers to customize all the features of a mobile screen so that they can personalize all the mobile applications they create using this tool.

Customize all the screens you make with Flutter Drag and Drop UI builder and create mobile applications that resonate with the branding of your clients.

4) Utilize the 50+ Widgets By Drag and Drop Method:

Making Flutter App Designs using Flutter Drag and Drop UI builder makes it very easy for people to create screens. But the fact that you get more than 50 widgets to start proves to be extremely beneficial for a developer.

There are many different kinds of businesses and services which demand mobile applications. While the essential purpose of mobile applications to create digital accessibility remains the same across industries, there are specific widgets that are required for every kind of business, service or organisation.
The good news is that you can use any or even all of these widgets to design mobile screens that offer mind-blowing features that will keep the app users glued to their screens.

5) Check out Tutorials or Get Help from Experts:

Every Flutter UI Drag and Drop Builder comes with tutorials and guides which can be used to learn about creating mobile screens. These are completely free, and as it’s just about dragging and dropping elements, all you have to do is to watch these tutorials before you get started in creating a fresh new screen for your mobile application.
Any person can watch these tutorials, and try their hand at creating different mobile screens for their applications.

If you feel stuck in a place or are unable to proceed due to any doubts, you can contact a support member from the Flutter UI Builder team. FlutterViz offers tech support to clear the doubts that any budding developer may have while proceeding to create a new screen for their flutter app using Flutter UI builder online.

The biggest perk of using a no-code drag-and-drop UI builder for creating mobile applications is that you do not have to worry about any code writing while creating any mobile screen!
All you have to do is drag and drop and see changes in real-time to track and make your progress with the UI development for your mobile screen.

You can explore different Flutter UI Builders for creating your mobile screens, but if you want to create them without writing any code, look for Drag and Drop UI Builders, or Nocode UI builders.

Some of the UI builders are free of cost, and some require payments for accessing special features, check a few out and pick the UI Builder that best meets the requirement for the screens you want to design for your flutter mobile applications.

FlutterViz is one of the leading Flutter UI Builder Drag and Drop Free of cost, and it has such fantastic features that even a novice could create a mobile screen with its help.

Being a No-code Drag and Drop UI builder, this can serve your need to create mobile screens just by dragging and dropping elements and arranging them on a screen as required by your clients.

It’s completely customizable, with day and night themes to support developers who often work for odd hours to meet their deadlines. Explore FlutterViz, drag some features and drop them on screens to create your mobile screens today, it’s totally free!