FlutterViz Vs FlutterFlow: Which UI Builder Works Best for Busy Developers?

In these competitive times, developers are on a constant lookout for tools that can add more speed to their developing process. When it comes to mobile applications, developers often look for No Code UI builders to create the user interfaces.

No Code UI builders come in very useful when developers have a limited time span and need to come up with fully-functional and eye-pleasing mobile applications.

Today we will look at two different Flutter GUI Builders, FlutteViz and FlutterFlow and learn about their features. This exploration can serve as a guide for developers who want to pick between this two Flutter UI Design tools for developing the graphic user interface of their mobile applications.

A Brief Introduction to FlutterViz and FlutterFlow Flutter UI Builder Online:

FlutterViz is a Flutter Drag and Drop UI Builder which helps developers create different types of app screens. It can be used by people who do not have any solid knowledge regarding coding for creating the graphic user interface for mobile applications.
On the other hand, we have FlutterFlow, which is also a Drag and Drop UI builder which is meant for developers who want to create mobile applications without writing any code.

We will explore the features of FlutterViz and FlutterFlow Flutter UI Builders and compare their features to help developers figure out their key attributes.

FlutterViz V/s FlutterFlow: Features of Drag and Drop UI Builder

1) Widgets: 50+ Prebuilt Widgets V/s 50+ Prebuilt Components
Widgets are important elements of the design of the user interface of every mobile or web application. They serve a variety of purposes such as displaying data or providing a symbol for interaction with the operating system to improve the useability and the functionality of the mobile screen.
We all know the basic components of any widget, which include icons, buttons, pull-down menus, scroll bars, and progress indicators to name a few.

If you are using FlutterFlow, you will be offered 50+ components to create your own widgets which can be created and customized as per your desire.

But with FlutterViz, you will get 50+ widgets that you can customize to suit your mobile screens.

If you are a developer looking forward to creating widgets from scratch, then you can benefit from the 50+ components offered by FlutterFlow UI Builder.

Developers who have less time at hand and yet want to have customized widgets can explore the 50+ widgets offered by FlutterViz Flutter UI Builder.
2) Source Code: Free Source Code Download Vs Paid Source Code Download
Almost every developer knows the value of source code, it is a group of written instructions in the programming languages that serve as the foundation of any application or mobile screen.
It can be used to add specific functions to different programs on a mobile screen and is also necessary for sharing algorithms between developers.

Most of the no-code UI builders offered to beginners as well as developers do not offer free source code. FlutterFlow too is a UI Builder that does not offer a free download of the source code. A developer has to pay a premium price to get access to the source code which is vital for the full development of mobile applications or mobile screens at hand.

But FlutterViz is a GUI builder that allows its users to download the source code for free, and it will always remain free for its users.

3) UI Kit Builder: Building UI Kits Vs Designing Mobile Screens

FlutterFlow and FlutterViz both are UI design tools that can be used for designing different mobile screens for web, android as well as IOS applications.

But with FlutterViz, you can also create UI Kits for specific industries which can be quickly accessed later by developers for their future use. Developers who have to work with various different industries and create applications for different kinds of business benefit from creating UI Kits.

4) Return on Investment: Free Life-Time Features with FlutterViz Vs Paid Access to Specific Features with FlutteFlow

When you are evaluating a product for your use and comparing its features such as FlutterViz Vs FlutterFlow UI Builders, their prices are bound to come up during the discussion.

Money is an important resource that you are willing to invest in a No Code UI Design tool to save another priceless resource which is time. 

FlutterFlow has some features which are available for free, and you can start building an application for free, but you will have to pay a fee for accessing other features, and at a premium price, you will be able to access all the features of FlutterFlow tool for building your mobile application.

On the other hand, we have FlutterViz Drag and Drop No Code UI Builder is completely free, for a lifetime! Once you are a member of the FlutterViz No-code UI Building platform, you will get free updates regularly for free, and you won’t have to spend even a dime at all.

So if you are looking at the price point of both these Drag and Drop UI building platforms, you will find that FlutterViz can save you a lot of time and money in case you only need a tool for building screens for mobile applications.

Features of FlutterViz Free UI Builder & FlutterFlow UI Builder At a Glance:
FlutterViz Drag and Drop UI Builder: ( Free )
FlutterFlow Drag and Drop UI Builder: ( Paid )

If you are focused on searching for a tool only for building the user interface of applications then FlutterViz is the right tool for you. It is a Flutter GUI Builder, and it can help you create many different Flutter UI Kits, and it will also serve in useful for creating different types of mobile application screens.

You will not be able to create an application using FlutterViz, but will be able to be a star in the user interface department for all the stunning, practical and advanced features it offers, all centred around offering world-class user interface features for its users.

FlutterFlow, on the other hand, offers people the to build applications, and the user interface is just one part of its multiple other features that help in building a competent mobile application for developers.

Ultimately, it boils down to the choice and requirements of the users and the demands of your clients while choosing FlutterViz Vs FlutterFlow UI Builders. Explore them both to make informed decisions for your developing needs.